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Space Rangers and the Viper Menace

Learn about the upcoming world premiere of this hilarious science-fiction musical!

Space Rangers and the Viper Menace had its world premiere on Friday April 11, 2008, on the Main Stage at Renaissance Theatre, 1216B Meridian St., Huntsville, Alabama.

Strat Lancaster has saved the galaxy annually, ever since he graduated from the Academy. So a grateful galaxy plans to honor him at his class reunion. But things are not always what they seem. Cosmo Biggs, the most powerful tycoon in the Galactic Federation wants more than money, he wants EVERYTHING. The beautiful, yet sinister Queen Urana seems to have less than honorable intentions as well. And when Strat is grounded on a technicality, there seems to be nothing stopping the triumph of evil and greed.

Add a mutating monster lurking in the background, a set of heroic Space Rangers, and lots of great tunes, and you have Space Rangers and the Viper Menace!

Fire up the Gigabigatron! Saving the Galaxy has never been this much fun!

This show is suitable for all ages.

Space Rangers and the Viper Menace

Space Rangers and the Viper Menace is written and directed by Chuck Puckett. This production featured Andrew Cayse, Danielle Hurst, Jason Morgan, Emily Lynn, Gary Knight, Cindy Hrubecky, James Owens, Craig Reinhart, Jacque Bernard, Russ Willett, Brooke Higdon, Bryn Higdon and Will Erwin.