Theatre Happenings

Theatre, Music & Dance Updates for the Tennessee Valley

Theatre Happenings

Last updated 31 August, 2015.

Click on a link to see more information about a show, audition or event. Newly added events are marked in red. Those opening this week in green.

Productions Summary

Show Group Open / Next
Stop Kiss Calhoun Theatre 9 Sep
Jesus Christ Superstar Independent Musical Productions 11 Sep
The Philadelphia Story Theatre Huntsville 11 Sep

Auditions Summary

Show Group Date
Edges: A Song Cycle Lyrique Music Productions 5 Sep
A Christmas Carol Fantasy Playhouse 11 Sep
Superior Donuts Theatre Huntsville 13 Sep

Theatre-Related Events

Event Group Date
Annual Pancake Breakfast Fantasy Playhouse 12 Sep

Theatre Brokerage

Directors! Producers! Email me when you need to finish casting a show, I'll list it here. Email to

Needed Group Show

Music and Dance

Event Group Date
The Solid Red Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment Concerts On the Dock 4 Sep
Danika & Jeb Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment Concerts On the Dock 11 Sep
Beasley Brothers Tangled String Studio 11 Sep

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