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Theatre Happenings

Last updated 24 November, 2014.

Theatre Groups - Send Me A Liaison Email

Still need to hear from a few more groups (you know who you are). If you represent a local theatre group, please send me the email address of a person I can contact. I plan to send out periodic reminders so y'all can be sure to get your productions and auditions in time to be listed. And also to notify you in those cases when the weekly email might be going out early. Email your contact info to Thanks!

The Theatre Brokerage

If you're a director or producer, occasionally you might not be able to cast your show from the audition. Or maybe you need to scrounge up a sound or lighting person, or a set designer. In these cases, might I suggest the Theatre Brokerage. Send me the details, I'll list the needed talent here and on the website. There are LOTS of actors (and techies) who read this newsletter. Hopefully, y'all can hook up via this mechanism. Just send me an email, and include the following:

Email to

Click on a link to see more information about a show, audition or event. Newly added events are marked in red. Those opening this week in green.

Productions Summary

Show Group Open / Next
Epic Comedy Hour Flying Monkey Arts 28 Nov
White Christmas Whole Backstage Theatre 28 Nov
Christmas on Broadway Curtain and Lights 6 Dec

Auditions Summary

Show Group Date

Theatre-Related Events

Event Group Date

Theatre Brokerage

Directors! Producers! Email me when you need to finish casting a show, I'll list it here. Email to

Needed Group Show
Costumes S.T.A.A.R. A Christmas Carol

Music and Dance

Event Group Date
JONATHAN RICHMAN Flying Monkey Arts 26 Nov

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