Bimini Road

phone: (256) 682-0783
Decatur, Alabama

Band Mates

"We're getting the band back together, man!"

This is what we look like, and what we play.

Chuck Puckett
Guitar, Vocals
Ruthie Puckett
Songwriter, playwright, actor and metaphysicist, Chuck is an excitable boy. He, Richard and Shelley started playing together more than 20 years ago, and the music they make has only gotten to be more fun over time.  Ruthie can belt a blues or kill you softly with her song. She’s an accomplished musical actress, and joined Bimini Road as a lark (and because her dad asked her nicely). But now it’s turned into a passion.
Clark Williams
Drums, Vocals
Jason Morgan
Bass, Guitar, Vocals 
Clark plays drums and sings. He goes back a ways with Chuck and Richard and Shelley. When not pounding various surfaces, he can be found pounding computer keyboards. Okay, he's a pounder.  Jason is a guitarist, composer, playwright and artist, he's also designed the cover for our CD (a work still in progress). We will eventually succeed in getting him to sing. For now, we strategically place microphones near his mouth.