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War of the Worlds Coming to the Princess Theatre!

 When Orson Welles new radio production troupe, the Mercury Theatre Of the Air, broadcast H.G. Wells story "War Of the Worlds", 1000's of Americans were thrown into a panic, thinking they were hearing news reports about a real Martian invasion. BSP will reproduce the radio broadcast on the Princess stage, complete with sound effects and a very "period" feel.

On Friday and Saturday night, after the recreation of the broadcast, the stage will be quickly cleared, and the audience will be treated to the movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

A percentage of the proceeds for this production, so aptly timed to conincide with Halloween, will be donated to the Princess Theatre.

Directed By: Hannah Carpenter

Cast Requirements:

Production Dates:

  • Thursday, October 26 @ 7pm
  • Friday, October 27 @ 7pm; RHPS afterward
  • Saturday, October 28 @ 2pm
  • Saturday, October 28 @ 7pm; RHPS afterward