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Multiple Audition Opportunities Coming!

Check out these opportunities to be a part of Bank Street Players on stage!

  • Humbug! A Christmas Carol, a new musical
  • War Of the Worlds, recreating the famous 1938 radio broadcast.

Auditions for Humbug! A Christmas Carol

Music, Lyrics and Book by Chuck Puckett

Auditions for the world premiere of this new musical, based on the classic Charles Dickens story, "A Christmas Carol", will be held

  • Thursday, August 24 @ 6pm
  • Saturday, August 26 @ 10am

Auditions will be held at Ft. Decatur Rec Center, 610 4th Ave, Decatur.

Synopsis: "Humbug" is a new musical adaptation of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol." The familiar story of Scrooge, the ghost of his partner Jacob Marley, the Christmas spirits that haunt him, and the poor but hopeful Cratchit family is retold in song and dance. This will be the world premiere of this show, presented at the Princess Theatre.

Directed By: Carol Puckett

Cast Requirements: 15 Men, 12 Women, 4-8 Boys, 4-5 Girls, plus Ensemble. Ages from 7 up.

Ebeneezer Scrooge. The well-known miser.
Betsy Littleton. Flower-seller
Fotheringay. Butcher.
Fred Hollister. Scrooge's nephew. Well-intentioned and positive.
Bob Cratchit. Scrooge's clerk. Browbeaten at work, but upbeat and happy at home.
Jane Cratchit. Cratchit's loving and gentle wife.
Tiny Tim Cratchit. Their youngest crippled son.
Belinda Cratchitt. Bob's younger daughter.
Peter Cratchit. Bob's elder son.
Martha Cratchitt. Bob's elder daughter.
Beggar. A beggar.
Danbridge. A business man.
Barnsworth. His partner.
Ghost of Jacob Marley. Scrooge's dead partner
Christmas Past. An elfin sprite
Boy Scrooge. Scrooge as a boy
Fan. Scrooge's younger sister
Scrooge's Father. A stern, unforgiving man
Scrooge's Mother. Loving and kind
Mister Fezziwig. Scrooge's joyful, life-loving employer when he was a young man
Mrs. Fezziwig. Fezziwig's wife, equally happy.
Felicia Fezziwig. His daughter.
Phyllis Fezziwig. Another daughter
Dick Wilkins. Scrooge's friend as a young man
Young Scrooge. Scrooge as a young man. Always has his eye on his livelihood.
Belle. Scrooge's sweetheart when he was a young man.
Christmas Present. Full of life, the spirit of revelry
Lydia Hollister. Fred's Wife
Topper. Fred's friend
Elizabeth. A girl who Topper fancies.
Ignorance. A child who signifies ignorance.
Want. A child who signifies poverty
Old Joe. A fence for stolen goods
Charwoman. A cleaning woman
Mrs. Dilber. Scrooge's housekeeper
Undertaker. Another grave robber.
A Lad. Street Urchin.
Fezziwig & Fred guests, townspeople
Entourage for Christmas Present. Fauns, elves, leprechauns

Be Prepared: You'll need to bring and sing a few bars of a song of your choice (you'll want to chose something that shows off your voice). Please supply a karaoke CD or music from your phone or iPad. There will be cold readings from the script.

Contact: or phone (256) 318-3265

Show Dates: Nov 30-Dec 2.

NOTE: Rehearsals do not begin until September 28.

Auditions for War of the Worlds

Auditions for "War Of the Worlds" will be held

  • Thursday, September 14 @ 6pm
  • Saturday, September 16 @ 10am

Auditions will be held at Ft. Decatur Rec Center, 610 4th Ave, Decatur.

Synopsis: When Orson Welles new radio production troupe, the Mercury Theatre Of the Air, broadcast H.G. Wells story "War Of the Worlds", 1000's of Americans were thrown into a panic, thinking they were hearing news reports about a real Martian invasion. BSP will reproduce the radio broadcast on the Princess stage, complete with sound effects and a very "period" feel.

Directed By: Hannah Carpenter

Cast Requirements:

Orson Wells/Pierson - Deceitful / Male / 20's
Announcer 1 - Urgent Male / 20-40's
Announcer 2 (and 2 others- including a 'presidential' voice) - Male / 20-40's
Announcer 3 (and 3 others) - Male/Female 20-40's
Phillips (and 3 others) - Authoritative Male / 20-50's
Wilmuth (and 3 others) - Country Man/Woman / Authoritative Man/Woman - 20-40's
Smith (and 3 others - including 'Stranger') - "Shifty" / Commanding - Male 20-40

Non Speaking roles:
"Instrumentalist" 1 - Male / Female 20-40's
"Instrumentalist" 2 - Male / Female 20-40's
"Instrumentalist" 3 - Male / Female 20-40's

Instrumentalists will be MIMICKING playing the cymbals, chimes ect., they do not need to actually play an instrument to be considered for the role

Production Dates: October 26, 27 & 28

Note: Those who audition should be aware that this production is supposed to be a pretty unsettling show. It is highly recommend to listen to the original radio broadcast on Spotify or YouTube before coming to auditions.